Sunday, October 31, 2010

And then it was a year later......

So here I am again, and the Convention is coming up next week. I had a good time last year and intend to go down again by train on Thursday.
This is going to be a busy couple of weeks, actually (so what else is new? When did I ever have time to go to work all those years? LOL).
The biggest fun activity is going to be when we head for Nashville and the CMA Awards show. I won this trip when they picked my name out of thousands of entries from the Greased Lightning booth entered during the June CMA Fest. We are so excited!!!
I'm still doing HR Block third year and a gazillion classes later (Love HR Block and their continuing education!) and CONTACT, and dancing. Now I'm on the Eastampton Recreation Committee, too. I still do the BCEA Website and started a side one for DEA for fun, as well as keeping up with my old colleagues and family with websites. Facebook is huge for keeping in touch as well. I have my own website too.
My other blogs on blogger are:  and and another, too.