Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Winter 2021-2022

 It's December 22 of 2021 at the moment and we are still in the pandemic and should be limiting gatherings, but I think people are not. Two years of not seeing their families on Christmas is too much for some. (make that many, not just some).

We played 5000 with the Mays last night and found out Cody (who was newly in from the covid-besieged  Brooklyn) had just tested positive when he got to CA. Now he has to isolate from the family during his stay. :-(

Tom and I both were feeling a bit sniffly and he was concerned since a Prospectors server got covid, so he went out and bought instant covid tests from CVS. Negative. (So we went out dancing!)

Recent family events include Cody having a great girlfriend (living with, I believe, Sarah), Caitlin marrying Eric Lees, and Zoe still living the life of the rich and famous (she works for). Jennifer sees Anayah when she can. Jassy is still in the picture. Sue and Patrick and Jenn visit Jodie (Chris passed away) in the place she lives now and take her out for treats.

Lots of new babies in the extended Goff family. Little Joshua even got married (not so little now, actually. He and Claudia live in KY. Most of the others live in the Goff complex of homes in AR. I think Isaac lives in CO?

Bradley and Samantha both got divorced. :-(

Nathan lives with his "boys" in Rotterdam. Jackson squats in NYC with a girlfriend (illegal alien?) and used to have Bradley's old job but I don't know about now.

Jessica Steele moved to the woods. I think she still teaches, but went back to classroom after being a school librarian.

It was Miriam's birthday on the 19th but we didn't call and we haven't heard from Linda Sallee in a long time and I am worried if she is okay.

Dina had surgery up in MA and hopes to be back to NJ to live but not until maybe Spring.

We haven't seen Jill and Mike in forever and I bumped into Tony Casale who mentioned Mike's dementia being not that bad.... (?!!!)

Tom and I are fine. (well he sees doctors all the time and is in pain. His copay drug cost for the year is 5 or 6 hundred. Mine is $1.84.) All I can say is thank God for NJEA and our paid health insurance (and reimbursed Medicare Part B premiums!)

I have to write Christmas cards, stat. Bye.