Friday, July 01, 2016

Summer of 2016

Maybe I should have waited until the 2016 NJEA Convention in November to catch up on this old blog.
It is fascinating to see what I wrote in November of 2012.

What's going on now:
Tom is looking forward to therapy following his torn meniscus surgery. The last few years have been a constant series of medical issues for poor Tom...from bladder cancer to knee replacement and lots more in between. Thank goodness for health insurance and Tom's good sense of humor and acceptance of the daily trials and tribulations of aging.

He just had his first golf outing in months yesterday and was so very happy to be back!

We had a slightly curtailed (as far as movement around Nashville goes) CMA Music Fest trip and are looking forward to our 18th Jamboree in the Hills in a couple of weeks. (Happy 17th anniversary to us on July 10th!)

Jennifer is most likely coming East to visit with Alex, the boys, and us before Alex moves back to England at the end of the month. (Since Jeff's death Alex stayed in Bethesda for awhile, then moved to NYC for a year after Nathan graduated.). Nathan took off to London after graduating, most recently has been working in Madagascar and will be going to the University of Rotterdam in the fall, I hear.
Jackson has finished his second year at Reed College in Portland, OR. I don't know what is happening with him for next semester, but he is currently in VT with a friend, taking a class.

Jennifer is a grandmother (Jassy had a baby, Anayah).
Zoe moved back to San Francisco (after two families' worth of nannying in NYC) to work at another nanny job there.
Caitlin has a new job outside of the animal world.
Cody graduated from college and is in Scottsdale now for his work at a start-up company dealing with a computer related service.

Samantha and Ross moved to Marietta, GA (from Austin, TX) and have three children, the two boys and the newest girl.
Roxanne and Craig are having a baby any second and live in Atlanta, GA. (I tried to get the two families together, but I don't think they ever made contact). There was a zika virus concern since the Forests had been in Brazil, but testing seemed ok.

Brad and Karey have Juni and we were happy to be able to visit with them for two parties, a year apart.

The Goffs: Jonathan still in Israel, working with lots of travel and postings. Sarah has a baby and is with husband Franklin far away, missioning. Isaac and Bethany have a baby and are in TX. Hannah is married to Seth and in AR. (teaching?) Mary Grace is missioning somewhere far away. The other kids are growing up fast, like Joshua with a license....Amy and Matthew (retired) are in AR living with his mother.

Jessica and Matt have Harper.

I am doing ok. :-)