Monday, June 10, 2019

Summer of 2019

Funny how I keep coming back to these old blogsites years later!

We are returning from yet another curtailed but fun CMA Music Fest. Tom's current health issues are still massive. BCG treatments for a recurrence of bladder cancer, shots for the back pain, hip, neck...on and on it goes. Poor Tom :-(  He even has a handicapped hangtag for the car and medical marijuana access.

I am still doing a lot of volunteer stuff, HR Block, and lunches with retirees and PTHS alumni, and other friends and relatives.  Oh, additionally now I am approaching the end of a full year of Max Challenge membership. (45 minutes of daily exercise every  week day...what???!)

Jennifer's granddaughter Anayah is cute as a button and 3 years old now. Jassy is still with her. She is talking about retiring in the near future. We had so much fun when she and Sue came to NYC for her 60th birthday in Oct. We stayed at a b&b in Brooklyn (thank you, Zoe for that and also the fabulous boat trip around the statue of liberty area), saw Hamilton, visited mommy and Jeff's graves, and Bradley and family.

Sue and family are going strong. Their most recent family vacation was to Norway. Zoe and Cody are both in Brooklyn now (as is Jackson). Caitlin is still in San Francisco and has another boyfriend.

Samantha and Ross are still in GA with 3 (growing) kids.

Bradley and Karey have another baby...a cute boy.

Roxanne is still in GA too and also has another baby.

On Tom's side....Sarah is on her 3rd, Jonathan and Krissy got married, Isaac and Bethany have two now,  Hannah and Seth's baby, Samuel,  has had a lot of issues in his young life, but is hanging in there and having a lot of firsts and making everyone so happy, Mary Grace and Nathan (Harris) got married and have a baby. Joshua is in college, Daniel is getting old too. Most of them live in a complex in AR. Jonathan is still in Israel, Isaac is in the south and Joshua is at school somewhere.

Jackson is in NY, having graduated from Reed College and is looking to visit us and go to Seaside.
Our Nathan is finishing up in Rotterdam. Alex is in England, not with a newspaper anymore.

Oh. We have a newly found relative- Greg Cohen. It turns out Howie had a baby no one knew about. Greg was adopted and recently went on Ancestry,com and also did the DNA thing and so did Nathan and they found each other! I met up with him for lunch one day and he had dinner with Sue and Jenn in CA last week. Cool!

We are talking about a new roof and also Tom would like a new car. I'll try and keep you posted! LOL